Å våkne til strålende solskinn og sikkert 30 varmegrader på stua, mens man hører motorsykler kjøre forbi, fugler som kvitrer og ser yrende liv på vannet ja da er det ingenting som kan stoppe følelsen av komplett lykke ❤


I denne påska skulle vi liksom dra både hit og dit, det ble ikke sånn men vi angrer ikke et halvt sekund. Vi har det så herlig i denne vakre sola. Vi har vært på nydelige turer nede ved sjøen.

Vi har grillet, trent, vært på bowling og ute og spist og for ikke å snakke om lammelåret i går som smakte helt himmelsk.




I dag er en ny slik vakker dag, snart blir det ei treningsøkt, og vi må jo gå en tur til sjøen i dag også, ja så skal vi kose oss med sushi og i kveld skal jeg ha en yintime på 3T.


Denne tia og fremover mot sommeren er desidert den aller beste tia. Alle smiler, folk er ute, og energien er på topp ❤

The very best weekend

Haribol Wednesday ;D

The rest of the house is sleaping while my little 4 year old and I are sitting at the breakfast table, the weather is getting lighter after days with rain, and the feeling inside is almost like bliss…
I am humming on my music mantras and dreaming back to the very best weekend in a very long time…

It has been 3 days since my daughter and I parted from the warmest people we was so lucky to meet this weekend at Meditation and Yoga retreat.
Bilde 29.07.2016, 13.14.48This is on our way there, I´m smiling just thinking about the butterflies in my belly on our way over there.

As you all know from this previous post this was my very first time to try music meditation, but I really enjoyed it and so did my daughter so we signed up for this weekend right after to learn more and of course be with likeminded people.
Bilde 30.07.2016, 09.16.35The whole weekend was filled with education, Yoga with great teachers, meditation and singing meditation.
And not to forget the amazing food, my oh my…

Bilde 30.07.2016, 06.31.03 (1)

Here we had a lecture about forgiveness, and for me this was an awakening, even if I know this from before it is really good to get things in perspective sometimes.
Have you ever had this feeling inside that you cannot be yourself completly? That you always need to adjust yourself to the people around you and to society´s “rules”, or have you just felt the need just to sit down and learn how to really breathe and not care about a thing in the world? Well for me this is it. The people here are so welcoming and understanding and you really feel the real in each and every one of them. This is actually a volunteer organization so you know that this comes from the heart…

Bilde 30.07.2016, 20.14.52They usually have meditation, yoga wisdom and music on sundays, fridays and wednesdays. I am so sad that i cannot join them om wednesdays coz I´m always working late but maybe you can. So if you live in Trondheim or around I strongly encourage you to pay them a visit.

Bilde 30.07.2016, 14.56.25I just have to say that all the words I am writing here now cannot do this weekend justice, you would really have to experience it your self.
Maybe a good start is to go to their homepage and sign up for their mailing list.

-lots of love-


Summer rain with a cherry on top

Namaste lovley people ❤

Have you ever practiced Yoga outside, and I do not mean on the lovely beach with heat in the air?

Bilde 18.03.2016, 15.18.30
No, I mean in the cold rain. I live in Norway, we have the most beautiful nature and the summer here is so amazing when the sun is visiting, but that is not so often.
Either way I love, love, love to practice outside, even with my shoes on.
Bilde 18.03.2016, 15.18.40 (1)

Bilde 18.03.2016, 15.12.56 (1)

Adho muka svanasana you can do everywhere, even on big ass tractor tires 😀

It is actually not so cold today, we have 15 degrees celsius. So today I am going to town with the best girl in the world, my daughter. Have some cake, and drink a good cup of tea, and also maby play around and take some funny pictures 😉

Wish you all a playful and happy saturday.

Pray for peace

-lots of love-