Å våkne til strålende solskinn og sikkert 30 varmegrader på stua, mens man hører motorsykler kjøre forbi, fugler som kvitrer og ser yrende liv på vannet ja da er det ingenting som kan stoppe følelsen av komplett lykke ❤


I denne påska skulle vi liksom dra både hit og dit, det ble ikke sånn men vi angrer ikke et halvt sekund. Vi har det så herlig i denne vakre sola. Vi har vært på nydelige turer nede ved sjøen.

Vi har grillet, trent, vært på bowling og ute og spist og for ikke å snakke om lammelåret i går som smakte helt himmelsk.




I dag er en ny slik vakker dag, snart blir det ei treningsøkt, og vi må jo gå en tur til sjøen i dag også, ja så skal vi kose oss med sushi og i kveld skal jeg ha en yintime på 3T.


Denne tia og fremover mot sommeren er desidert den aller beste tia. Alle smiler, folk er ute, og energien er på topp ❤


It is all fun and play

5:15am my alarm rang.  So I stumbled in to my daughters room to wake her and her friend.
Am I insane? Well maybe, but this time it was actually the girls who wantet to join me on my morning Yoga class at 6:45am.

The day passed by so fast and we had such an amazing day.
Well I say it again, to start the day with Yoga, everyone should try it in some way, if even for just 5 minutes of breathing and streching to set the mood for the day.

Bilde 11.07.2016, 16.47.07

We have been shopping with the little guy, we ate some Yo Berry, and of course we had to go to the beach.
The sun was not up but the temprature was really good so we took of our shoes and went in, well the girls was swimming, I was just feeling the sand under my toes, the water splashing up to my knees and laughing really good at the girls who was convinsed that there was a crab who tried to eat them the further in the ocean they got, the really funny thing was that they kept on going…
After their swim, a little playful Yoga-time, trying to show the girls some acro Yoga moves.
Talk about laughing, I think we all increased our mortality…
Bilde 11.07.2016, 23.41.10Finished the day off with some deep yin stretches.
Now I´m so ready for bed, and cannot wait for what tomorrow brings ❤

-Lots of love-

Sunday with love

So this sunday went by so fast, I started already from morning with family yoga outside in the park. The weather was really kind with us today so it was an amazing start.

After a little while back home, I went to the beach and met up with some likeminded beautiful women.
Today it was meditation on the plan.
We started the meditation sitting down and followed it up with a walking meditation. The wind was incredible and often tried to whip them out of consentration but they completed their task and 90 minutes just went by…

Bilde 10.07.2016, 16.06.18

To be so lucky that we can practice outside in the wild nature is almost an overwhelming experience.

I hear it is gonna be rain tomorrow, but with this sky I don`t belive it until I see it.

Bilde 10.07.2016, 22.32.12

I hope your sunday was good, with a lot of fun and play. If your sunday just started I wish you the very best day.