My story


Namaste you lovley people ❤

My name is Yvonne and I´m a proud sertified 500hrs Transformational Hatha yoga teacher.
It wasn´t always like this, I was a hairdresser for many years until my doctor told me that if I wanted to be healthy I needed to quit my job and find something else to do. For some time I was really sick and a bit scared what to do with my life…

Yoga has been a part of me since I was pregnant with my first son for 16 years ago. Yoga helped me breathe, It made me focus and over the years Yoga has teached me that we all have a story to tell, we are all perfect differently made creatures that deserve the same amount of love without judgement.
So when I was going to change profession it was the only thing I wanted to do.
I practised and practised more than ever, I read book after book, and went to seminars, yoga retreats and finally I went to Greece to go to school.
I passed my exams and got my sertificate in hand.
I took my additional 300hrs education in Greece sertified with the YAI in 2017.
I´m still learning every day and probably always will, I will continue to go to seminars, learn from you amazing people and practice every day.

In addition to giving private yoga and meditation classes i humbely work at what I believe is Trondheim`s best Yogastudio Terra Yoga and if you would like to come visit or take a class with one of our amazing teachers click on the link for more information .