Thank you for getting sick and over weight…


Hey everyone.
Today I would like to tell you the story on why I started with yoga for the first time and all I have learned since…

When I was introduced to yoga the first time I really fell in love. I was pregnant and had a lot of extra weight, and not to speak about my insanely high blood pressure.
A lot of new things had happened in my life at the same time. I had just moved back home from living in Oslo and just met my boyfriend. It was my very first time being pregnant and it was not planned, I was young and nervous all the time.

We lived in the contry side, just moved in at his parents house, a really cozy place to become parents. Everything was going really fast but the right way, except for my body and mind. My body changed so extremly fast I could not understand. Nobody told me that the weight was a bit high except for my mother that I of course got angry with.
My doctor told me to relax and not stress so much, well that was easier said then done. Finally I did some research, I found that you should not start with anything major things while being pregnant and where we lived there was no fitness centers I could go to for help eather. Finally I read about Yoga and all the benefits with it. I also read that yoga you should really start with while being pregnant so I found a company in Oslo that sold  yoga courses on CD. I ordered a CD  “Yoga for pregnancy.”

I had never been interested in fysical movement before, never ever had I stepped my feet inside a gym. I had never thought about calming down and just breathe.
I have to say I was pretty sceptical when the CD arrived in my mail box at the post office.

Some of my new beginner students say that they have to try some times before they really get in to the yoga world, and that it is really hard to calm down.
This was not the case for me, the very first time I tried I fell completely in love, finally I found something that I could really like.
And I could really manage it also. The savasana part was insanely amazing and the teacher on the CD was really good to explane how to…

Ever since that time I have loved yoga and meditation, yoga has really been the ting I always come back to when times get rough and I need to breathe. It makes me happy, and satisfied with just being me. Not to expect anything from others or my self, and the very most important part – just to be..

All the way through life I have been like people the most are, angry with situations I got in to and could not see my own part in it. Blaming others for mistakes I made and completly not taking responsibility of my own life.
For years I have blamed others for gaining so much weight during my first pregnancy, first my doctor, then my midwife and then my ignorance. I actually played stupid to not take the responsibility my self, just pushing it away. I have 3 beautiful children, but the road there was crazy. I had really hard pregnancies with a lot of weight gain, and all the problems that come with gaining weight…
Pelvic girdle pain, back issues, high blood pressure, bad teeth from eating bad food, lazy, bored, angry, tired, and not to forget that I never had time for anything ever, and all of the above times 2….


For many years I have practiced yoga now, it gives me a kind of balance in life I never could find any other place. I have no longer high blood pressure, it is so much easier to breathe, I have no longer big back issues, and not forget I am really full of energy and joy. Why is that? I work a lot but still I have time to practice and to train, I still have time for my family. No longer do I care if people expect certain things from me, because that`s their problem and not mine.


Well I am gonna tell you why, even if you are full of really good reasons for why you hurt and cannot find the time, well I have been there and I am gonna be a little bit in your face telling you that this is just you not taking responsibility of your life.


I am so glad and thankful that I got fat, and sick because I am so sure that if not I still would have used my really good mind on blaming others for my own mistakes. I would have teached the same to my childeren that it is ok to blame others and not take the fault themselves.

Every day when you wake up just say this to your self: 
I am an amazing and special human being, who deserves a great and wonderful life, a life worth living with great health, and a great mind. I will do the best I can today because that is enough for me. I do not need anyone else for feeling good with my self. I am perfect just the way I am.

I promise you that at first this will feel really strange and maybe you don´t believe yourself either. But after a while you will start to like it. And it will become some of your daily rutine. Give yourself the time to take care of your self. And if the only time you have is in the morning, well wake up a bit earlier in the morning and say your mantras, continue with breating slow and peaceful in and out from your nose. Then finish with some lovely stretching exercises to start your day. You can even breathe, say the mantras and practice the stretch at the same time.


If you want me to help you with more of your exercise and movements just email me and I will assist you the best I can ❤





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