The fresh autumn air

There is no secret that I love love love the summer and am not at all a winter person, but the autumn well I have to say I really like the autumn. The fresh air to breathe in, the sun that shines it’s sharp rays and the whole world that changes colour. ❀️

Every tuesday I start work at 06:00 in the morning. When I wake up it’s still dark outside. I always ride my bike to work these mornings, and I’m actually not so found of riding a bike but these mornings I really like it. I get to se the first rays of sun shining, I get to breathe in the very fresh and sharp air in my lungs and I have the whole morning to myself.

Just now this is my view, beautiful furniture with the sun shining on them, drinking my amazing coffee from Jacobsen&Svart. What a way to start the morning😍 Later there will be baby-yoga(the most amazing yogaclass) followed by hard training with my PT to be😍πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š
Wishing you all an amazing tuesday.

Come and try out the gym if you want, there is really good trainers and equipment here.

-lots of love-


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