When you want to be everywhere all the time…

To all my amazing good friends I just have to say: I just love you, you are so good to me and even if I have a hundred things to do and not enough time in the week you’re there for me❤️ All the facebook messages that I read and am supposed to answer later, then forget… I really am sorry, it will get better. 

Have you ever felt like there is no time to do anything? Well I,m like that all the time now. I am so lucky to have scored the best job I could ever have, and the people that I work with are so incredible amazing, and they have such good classes that I would like to join in on, but I work all the time when the classes go. Yes I know I have a luxury problem. Also there is lots and lots of amazing yogaclasses going on all around Trondheim now and I would really like to join in on some of them. And also the music-meditation group I havent really seen since the Meditationweekend 😱😱😱 HOW DO I CHOOSE WHAT TO DO? 

Then I remember… This is not how you are happy Yvonne, this is only getting you stressed. Stop wishing for everything you don’t have, and to be everywhere you are not, and just live now. Embrace all the good that you do have in your life right now. Close the toilet door and just take your five minutes a day to do your meditation. Social media is good for many things but also it can be really stressful and make me want to many things… 

I have a healthy body and a healthy mind, a lovley family, amazing friends and the best job I could ever have… Thank You🙏 Now it is time for meditation

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