Because I´m happy…

<<Everything you can imagine, you can achieve>>

Bilde 18.07.2016, 14.53.19

Are you playful and sometimes act like a child?
Or have you really tried not to think about the people around you, sometimes not played by society´s rules?
If you have not, I strongly encourage you to try…
It feels amazing, it feels free and after you have such peace inside.
Bilde 18.07.2016, 14.58.24

The people in my life I love most of all is of course my children, they make me play and help not to take my self too seriously.
Thank you kids for this fun and challenging day.

Bilde 18.07.2016, 15.01.14

As some of you guys already know I have been practicing for many years to be able to stand on my head, and for some days ago I managed to let go of the wall behind me for some seconds before I fell back down.
Well today I was up there for almost 15 seconds whitch for me is a really big deal, I was so surprised that I was standing there that I shouted and laughed all at the same time, my daughter took alot of pictures, but no movie.
Next time 😀

Bilde 18.07.2016, 15.08.54 (1)
Bilde 18.07.2016, 15.08.55

So happy ❤

-lots of love-


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