Yoga because…

Yoga, because some questions can´t be answered by Google…

Bilde 17.07.2016, 17.44.25Yesterday was probably the best sunday I´ve had in a long long time. Started with Vinyasa Yoga at my work with amazing and positive people.
Bilde 17.07.2016, 17.43.37With the very best girl in the world of course. I really love that she has taken Yoga in to her heart like me ❤

After Yoga we went for a walk in the lovely city, visited a market and bought some nice bracelets.
Then home again for some family time of course, the sunday is really a good time to be toghether.

Have you ever tried music meditation? I strongly recommend it if you have trouble meditating quiet.
Yesterday was my very first time, also I brought with me my daughter.
She is 12 years old so I was a bit worried that she would think this was weird or strange, but she really loved it.
The live music, the different people and the english language.
I am so very proud of her, not being afraid of new things, or not even scared to sing out loud in public to words she don´t know. ❤
Bilde 17.07.2016, 19.22.03If you love meditation like I do and live near Trondheim I really recommend this amazing place. Trondheim Meditasjon

At the end we had a picnic on the floor with all these new people from all over the world.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-lots of love-


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