Summer rain with a cherry on top

Namaste lovley people ❤

Have you ever practiced Yoga outside, and I do not mean on the lovely beach with heat in the air?

Bilde 18.03.2016, 15.18.30
No, I mean in the cold rain. I live in Norway, we have the most beautiful nature and the summer here is so amazing when the sun is visiting, but that is not so often.
Either way I love, love, love to practice outside, even with my shoes on.
Bilde 18.03.2016, 15.18.40 (1)

Bilde 18.03.2016, 15.12.56 (1)

Adho muka svanasana you can do everywhere, even on big ass tractor tires 😀

It is actually not so cold today, we have 15 degrees celsius. So today I am going to town with the best girl in the world, my daughter. Have some cake, and drink a good cup of tea, and also maby play around and take some funny pictures 😉

Wish you all a playful and happy saturday.

Pray for peace

-lots of love-



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