Practice, practice, practice…

To be better we have to practice, more and more and more. Not just on the Yoga mat, but also in life in general.
And because of the practice we can see progress which makes everything worth while…


We all have some kind of baggage, and this leads to blockages in our chakras, and sometimes these blockages turn into obsticles whitch stops us from doing things.
I want to be honest and share my fears with you so that everyone can see that not everything comes easy.
Being up-side-down has always been a huge obsticle for me, and I have practiced for many years just to be ready to be inverted.

To day for the very first time in a long time, I could move away from the wall behind me.
Bilde 12.07.2016, 20.25.54 (1)And yes I know it´s not perfect but that´s absolutely ok for me. I´m getting better for each time.

Today it was a really funny and playful hour at Yoga.
Of course we had to warm up first with some sun salutations, then the laughter and fun started.
Bilde 12.07.2016, 20.19.24
Bilde 12.07.2016, 20.33.25

Just love to finish my night like this.

Thank You

-lots of love-


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