It is all fun and play

5:15am my alarm rang.  So I stumbled in to my daughters room to wake her and her friend.
Am I insane? Well maybe, but this time it was actually the girls who wantet to join me on my morning Yoga class at 6:45am.

The day passed by so fast and we had such an amazing day.
Well I say it again, to start the day with Yoga, everyone should try it in some way, if even for just 5 minutes of breathing and streching to set the mood for the day.

Bilde 11.07.2016, 16.47.07

We have been shopping with the little guy, we ate some Yo Berry, and of course we had to go to the beach.
The sun was not up but the temprature was really good so we took of our shoes and went in, well the girls was swimming, I was just feeling the sand under my toes, the water splashing up to my knees and laughing really good at the girls who was convinsed that there was a crab who tried to eat them the further in the ocean they got, the really funny thing was that they kept on going…
After their swim, a little playful Yoga-time, trying to show the girls some acro Yoga moves.
Talk about laughing, I think we all increased our mortality…
Bilde 11.07.2016, 23.41.10Finished the day off with some deep yin stretches.
Now I´m so ready for bed, and cannot wait for what tomorrow brings ❤

-Lots of love-

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