Sunday with love

So this sunday went by so fast, I started already from morning with family yoga outside in the park. The weather was really kind with us today so it was an amazing start.

After a little while back home, I went to the beach and met up with some likeminded beautiful women.
Today it was meditation on the plan.
We started the meditation sitting down and followed it up with a walking meditation. The wind was incredible and often tried to whip them out of consentration but they completed their task and 90 minutes just went by…

Bilde 10.07.2016, 16.06.18

To be so lucky that we can practice outside in the wild nature is almost an overwhelming experience.

I hear it is gonna be rain tomorrow, but with this sky I don`t belive it until I see it.

Bilde 10.07.2016, 22.32.12

I hope your sunday was good, with a lot of fun and play. If your sunday just started I wish you the very best day.



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