Viparita Karani

«Calming the mind is Yoga, not just standing on the head…»
– Swami Satchidananda –

We all have favorite poses to do in different times of our lives and my ultimate favorite pose for the moment is Viparita Karani.

Viparita Karani may seem like nothing and well you are not standing upside down or impressing other people on social media with amazing core strength or handstands, but do you really know the amazing benefits of Viparita Karani?

Bilde 09.07.2016, 14.49.49Did you know that in Hindu scriptures Viparita Karani  Legs up the wall pose) is known for redusing wrinkles and make you look younger?

It calms the nervous system by relaxing your whole body.

And did you also know that by putting your feet in a vertical position, the lymphatic system will be stimulated, this is good for removing toxins in our body, wich again helps the immune system.

Most of us are also living really busy lives, this results in walking and standing a lot during the day, but if we place our feet up the wall for a while each day we can release tension from the tired muscles, and even if we put two or three blankets or a bolster under so we come even a bit higher we also release tension from the hips.

For me this pose has been a lifesaver in many ways, as many of you already know I had problems with high blood pressure for a long time. This pose actually helps me to move any stagnant fluids in my body.

If you google Viparita Karani you find that many Yoga practitioners claim that they have a lot more benefits from this pose. I´m just saying try it, if it don´t help you in any ways, I can guarantee that you will feel good and peaceful with your feet up the wall.



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