Friday fun

Good morning all you wonderful people.

My day started many hours ago with an amazing morning yin practice. I´m so thankful that I can start my Friday like this, with likeminded people, stretching together in a safe space.

Bilde 08.07.2016, 06.37.24You know when you are so happy and have alot of energy coz the people you surround you with are just perfect human beings, well I have it just like that. And so to continue the good intakes i had to follow up with a good breakfast, Norwegian salmon is absolutley on my favorite list.

Bilde 08.07.2016, 08.24.52with eggs ofcourse, and almost the best of all, a really good smoothie. This one is made with apples, raspberries, strawberries, bananas, blueberries and oranges.

Have you ever taken pictures of your self practicing? Well you should, not just to se if you have your alignment right coz that you are supposed to feel, but really to see your progress. Sometimes it may feel like youre doing the same thing over and over again with no purpose but I´m here to tell you otherwise. Practice makes perfekt.

Look at theese pictures of me. This first one is taken in july 2014, and the second one today.
Bilde 08.07.2016, 08.51.00Look at my alignment on this one, look how far back my thighs are here, and if you look really close you kan se that I am pushing my outer core out. My back is not bending and I almost fall back. Also my feet is to far apart.

Bilde 08.07.2016, 08.59.43

This is absolutely not perfect either but I´m getting there, here you can se that I arch my back more, the feet are closer together, my pelvic is pushing forward and my upper back is leaning more back. I´m still engaging my core but in the more right way.
But still i should curl up my toes so that the Ustrasana is really 100% right for me 🙂

Love to start the day so early, now I´m gonna clean up the house and then maby work some more before I go and get my little boy from kindergarten.

Wish you all a fun and peaceful day.


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