Yummy :D

Hello everybody:)

It is no secret that I am a really bad chef…  actually that is a really bad quality coz exept from Yoga, eating good food and drinking good wine is my favorite thing to do.

But when I really want something I can make it if I give it a try.
Italian food is my ultimate favorite type of foods, and it dont have to be from one area like Tuscany, Sicilly or Piedmont, no it just have to be from Italy.
Think about the Pizza for example, or the amazing bruschetta, or just the truffles on the pasta ❤ Ok so here it goes.
The Mozarella is making me dance on the table an together with tomatoes, a little basil and some onions… wow

Bilde 04.07.2016, 15.30.14And of course I´m topping it of with some virgin olive oil and some pepper  ❤

Yeah I know It´s easy but oh so good 😉


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