Oh summer I just love you.

When we have days like this it is nothing more soothing than to have the practice outside, bare feet in the grass.

Bilde 04.07.2016, 16.18.09To sit outside and just take it all in, and just breathe.
Listen to the sound of whats going on around, the insects doing their job, the ocean moving and just hear the world functioning with every little small detail, no judgement.
Feel the wind slightly brush against my hair, and the sun giving me vitamins and joy.
I find myself to be more relaxed than ever in the summer time, everything just falls into place.
Every taste is really rich, the wine, and the foods are so amazing.
And it all really looks alot better too.

I had this one yoga student who said to me: not only do everybody smile in the summer, but we are so damn pretty also ❤ She is right.

This is my ultimate favorite time of the year.

And Norway in the summer, WOW you take my breath away ❤


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