Welcome to my new blog :)

As you faithful followers have noticed, I have now switched blog address. This is because I will be posting more yoga and health related posts ahead and I felt that I needed to use my own name.

This post will probably be a little strange, but I just want to set some guidelines now so I never need to again 🙂

I think it’s important to point out that my words are my words, from my experiences and learning methods, it is not a guide to how I think you must or should live your life or criticism of any living beings, but simply my own thoughts and feelings.
I want my blog to be a safe place for inspiration and a place where I can share my experiences, this place is only to be positive and happy, encouraging each other, so negative or distasteful comments will not be published.

Bilde 18.03.2016, 15.14.43

The appearance has, as you can see, also changed a bit, contact info is of course at place and it is also possible to link yourself to my social media if it is desirable. There will probably come some interior posts too, but then it’s going to be put under the category: inspiration/personal, and maby I will post some food and wine related posts also, then I will of course put them under the category tasteful sensations and fairytales.
Oh, and maby you have noticed also that I´m writing in english… Well I have been thinking a lot about that and because I have so many friends that don´t speak Norwegian I decided to write some post`s in english so they also can join my journey if they want to 🙂

I want to thank you guys for supporting me in my decision to work as a full-time yoga teacher, this has only been a dream for me and I really couldn´t think it was possible, but as they say; dreams come true and the only person that can make them true is you:)
And of course I could not have done it without you guys ❤

Have a positive, playful and amazing day.




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